Beginners’ Guide to Euro 2024: Format and Betting Predictions

Beginners to Sports Betting – How Does Euro 2024 Work and What is its Format?

Betting Predictions for Euro 2024

Now that you’re familiar with our various predictions, and just before we look at our free Euro 2024 tips for correctly predicting each match, let’s tackle something important: how the 2024 European Championship works. Utilizing betting predictions can help you navigate the complexities of the tournament.

Organised by UEFA, Euro 2024 brings together a total of 24 nations to compete for the title of European football champions.

Held every four years, the competition is one of the toughest on the planet in terms of level, and sometimes more difficult to win than a World Cup. That, at least, is the opinion of many players who are still active.

Tournament Format

In terms of format, the competition begins with a group phase, in which the 24 teams are divided into six pools of four. Played between the 14th and the 26th of June 2024, this first phase sees each team in a group compete in a sort of mini-championship.

At the end of the three-game phase, the teams ranked first and second in their group qualify for the last 16, and the teams ranked third also have a chance of qualifying.

In fact, four of the six best third-placed teams in terms of points also earn a place in the last 16 of the European Championship. If Italy, for example, finished third in Group B with three points and at the same time, the third-placed teams in two other groups finish with fewer points, the Italians are still in the competition.

In the end, this system leaves little room for surprises and greatly favours the major nations of European football.

Once all the qualifiers are known, the rest of the competition (the 29th of June – the 14th of July) moves into knockout mode. The winners of the Round of 16 qualify for the quarter-finals, the winners of the quarter-finals qualify for the semi-finals, and the winners of the semi-finals qualify for the final.

In the event of a draw at the end of normal time in this second phase of the tournament, the teams will first go into extra time and then possibly into a penalty shoot-out. A programme that should make Euro 2024 predictions the most interesting of your sporting year.

Key Points for Your Football Predictions

  • 24 teams qualify
  • Group stage (six pools of four) from the 14th to the 26th of June 2024
  • 1st and 2nd in a group qualify for the Round of 16
  • Four of the six best third-placed teams qualify for the Round of 16
  • Knockout matches from the 29th of June to the 14th of July 2024
  • Round of 16, quarters, semi-finals, and final
  • No match for 3rd place

Before making your betting strategy for Euro 2024, always bear in mind the format of the competition. This will undoubtedly help you avoid the pitfalls on the final day of the group phase.

Our Tips for Predicting Euro 2024 Matches

Now that you have familiarised yourself with our various predictions and the format of the European competition, here is our general advice on how to make the right prediction for each Euro 2024 match.

If applied correctly, these betting tips will enable you to place better bets with online bookmakers and get even closer to the right predictions.

Our Main Tips

  1. Check Their Current Form First of all, you need to check the latest results of the two teams you are predicting if you don’t want to make a mistake.
    For example, did one side win their last match, while their opponent took a beating? In that case, it would be better to go for the team with the victory, as the momentum and confidence will be on their side.
    So, before placing your bet, make sure you look at the latest results obtained by both sides. This will always be important.
  2. Analyse the Squads for Euro 2024 Secondly, you need to analyse the teams present on both sides of the pitch.
    Can a team count on talented players in every position? Are the key players fit? Are there any injured players who will reduce the chances of performing well off the bench?
    These are all questions you need to ask yourself before making a prediction about a Euro 2024 match.
    This is even truer for the ‘small nations’, who rely heavily on two or three individuals to perform well.
  3. Check if There Are Any Major Absentees In the same vein as the previous point, you also need to take stock of any absentees if you want to make as many Euro 2024 predictions as possible.
    If, for example, Mike Maignan and Kylian Mbappé are injured or suspended for a French team match, you may have to think twice before predicting success for France.
    For each prediction on these Euro 2024 matches, don’t forget to find out which players are unavailable. A major absence will always be decisive.
  4. Take into Account the European Rivalry Don’t forget to consider any rivalry between the two teams.
    In a France-Portugal, France-Italy or Germany-England match, for example, the rivalries are great and one-sided matches are rare.
    So if you spot a match between two historic rivals, beware: it’s the same context as a derby in the Premier League.
  5. Understand the History of Head-to-Head Meetings in Europe Finally, one last piece of advice: it’s still very important to take into account the history of head-to-head meetings between the two teams.
    For example, if France starts as favourites against the Netherlands but the latter are unbeaten in 6 years and 9 meetings against the French (fictitious example), you should probably reconsider your bet if you were going to bet on Didier Deschamps’ men.
    This reasoning should be applied to every match at UEFA Euro 2024, particularly during the group stage. Remember that knockout matches are always tense, whatever happens.

By working on these five points systematically, you should have a better chance of making reliable predictions for this 17th UEFA EURO Championship.

Although other aspects are also important, these pillars should be given priority when analysing the match you want to bet on. Betting predictions are essential for making the most out of your wagers, so keep these tips in mind for Euro 2024.